Why Join?
– You gain satisfaction from contributing to a worthwhile association
– You get to know lots of people at the kindergarten
– You have a say in the running of the kindergarten
– You gain skills that can help you in future employment!

At Tarralla Kindergarten we have a highly skilled, and extremely dedicated team of teachers and educators.

However, they cannot operate the kindergarten alone. As a not-for profit Incorporated Association, Tarralla Kindergarten is managed by a Committee of Management, which is supported by an Operational Sub-committee.

The Committee of Management and Operational Sub-committee positions are held by volunteer parents and community members who are willing to give some of their time to help Tarralla Kindergarten run smoothly.

Prior experience on a board or committee is not required. Information to fulfil any role is provided, so all you need is a willingness to give your time and the enthusiasm to become part of the team that keeps Tarralla Kindergarten operating effectively.

Committee of Management and Operations Sub-committee members are voted in at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), held around October each year. Positions are held for a period of 12 months, commencing 1 February each year.

Committee of Management

The Committee of Management is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of Tarralla Kindergarten.

The Committee of Management work alongside our dedicated teachers and educators, as the Approved Provider of the kindergarten, to provide a high-quality educational program, ensure the legal and regulatory obligations of the kindergarten are met, and maintain the ongoing financial viability of the kindergarten.

The Committee of Management is responsible for the decision making of the kindergarten. For more information on the Committee of Management, including how to get involved, please visit the Documents and Policies section of the website.

If you would like to contact any member of the Committee of Management please use the contact details below.


→  President / Tanya Crosbie /

→  Vice-President / Geraldine McLaughlin-Eaton /

→  Treasurer / Matt Drew /

→  Secretary / Rebecca Farrelly /

→  Operational Representative / Bianca Jones /

Operational Sub-committee

The Operational Sub-committee supports the Committee of Management and kindergarten staff.

The Operational Sub-committee is the arms and legs of the kindergarten, ensuring that it runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. One member of the Operational Sub Committee is elected as the Operational Representative on the Committee of Management.

The Operational Sub-committee attends Committee of Management meetings, and provides input into decisions, but does not have voting rights.

For more information on the Operational Sub-committee, including how to get involved, please visit the Documents and Policies section of the website.

If you would like to contact any member of the Operational Sub committee please use the contact details below.

Operations Officers

→  Activities Officer / Casey Orchard /

→  Communications Officer / Meaghan Crozier /

→  Grants Officer / Rachel Johnson /

→  4 year old Enrolments Officer / Bianca Jones /

→  3 year old Enrolments Officer / Kristy Wheeler /

→  Fees Officer / Glenda Lowry /

→  4 year old Social Engagement Oficer / Jenny Yang /

→  3 year old Social Engagement Officer / Sonia Koning /

→  IT Officer / Adrian Giorgianni /

→  Maintenance Officer / Amy Williams /

→  Purchasing Officer / Tracey O’Connor /

→  Sustainability Officer / Liz Manning /

Become a Part of Our Community!

We are a tight-knit learning community with a dedicated team of teachers, wonderful parents and beautiful children. Take our Online Video Tour to start learning more about us or Book a Kinder Tour and so you can come and meet us personally!

Tarralla Kindergarten acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government. 

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